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jrose80 ([personal profile] jrose80) wrote2006-05-25 11:56 pm

Requested Pics

John's Drums (well the music room, in general)

Our bedroom. It is VERY PLAIN. I have done NOTHING to it since we have moved in. I finally, just bought the comforter that's on it a few weeks ago. We had an asian/oriental theme in our bedroom at the last house...but everything is still in boxes here. lol. So lazy.

A picture of Beethoven on the bed, for good measure. :P

Different angles of the backyard.

My work. This is the building I work in.

This is my desk/computer/space in the office.

This is Ronda's desk/computer/space in the office. I'm much more cleaner. :P

The view that is behind me, in the office. ha.

There you go! Feel free to make more requests people, this is fun! lol.

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